Tandym Pro’s Global Markets team is comprised of highly specialized recruiters focused on sales, trading, portfolio management, and quantitative research. Through our years of experience, we’ve built deep partnerships across the North American, European, and Asian markets, assisting highly skilled professionals like you in finding the right fit to grow in your career. We partner with banks, hedge funds, quantitative, and proprietary trading platforms to deliver candidates in the following areas:

  • Portfolio Management
  • Trading
  • Sales
  • Quants
  • Devs
  • Technology

We take a personal approach to your job search as a true advisor and resource. Our experience in financial services and global markets recruiting allows us to go beyond matching you with the right employer, providing everything from resume guidance to interview preparation and compensation negotiation.

Recruitment expertise

Our specialty areas

Quant Trading

    • Electronic Trading
    • High Frequency Trading
    • Statistical Arbitrage
    • Quant Research and Analytics
    • Machine Learning
    • Core Engineering
    • Low Latency Systems


    • Flow Derivatives
    • Index Options
    • ETFs
    • Single Stock Options
    • Equity Exotics
    • Long/Short Discretionary

Interest Rates

    • Treasuries
    • Swaps
    • STIR
    • Options/Volatility


    • IG (across all sectors)
    • HY (across all sectors)
    • Structured Credit/Distressed Credit
    • CDX, CDS
    • CLO
    • Convertible Bonds


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