Tandym Group Releases their 2015 Regional Hiring Guide

As we enter a new year, Tandym Group is proud to announce the
release of their 2015 Regional Hiring Guide.

This guide, which aims to educate employers and job seekers alike on trends affecting the state of
the job market, serves as a positive follow-up to 2014’s report that forecasted a year of continued improvement and growth.
This upturn in market health has also positively impacted the outlook of 2015’s job market – specifically,
one in which businesses are hungry for top
talent and professionals are being presented with the most opportunities since the 2008 financial crisis.

“The job market functions on two basic principles – what companies need in
their employees and what candidates want in their career – and in order for
it to thrive, both sides need to be educated on the other’s needs ,” says Edward
Fleischman, CEO of Tandym Group. “This report compiles this information into one comprehensive
guide that we hope will help hiring managers make educated decisions in terms of hiring and retention,
as well as educate and guide working professionals in their individual career paths. “

To form an accurate prediction of 2015’s regional employment outlook, The
Tandym Group surveyed over 200 clients across the New York City Tri-State area and Greater Boston.
All survey respondents are hiring decision makers, and their hiring needs span the following industry sectors:
Accounting, Financial Services, Healthcare, Human Resources, Information Technology, Nonprofit, and Office Support.
The firm also offered a separate survey to job seekers they have worked with in the past year, inquiring about their
goals and career outlook for 2015, in order to provide a wide cross-section of insight from professionals at varying
levels and from different sectors.