Kyle Mattice, President of Tandym Group’s Health Services Division, Featured in Becker’s Hospital Review

New York, May 2015 – Kyle Mattice, President of Tandym Group’s
Health Services division, was recently featured in Becker’s Hospital
Review’s Workforce Labor Management section as a contributor.

In his op-ed, Ensuring Staffing Preparedness for the Next Epidemic,
Kyle emphasized the need for healthcare organizations to have
a specialized staffing strategy in place in the event of another epidemic.
“As the 2014 outbreak of Ebola revealed, epidemics put unexpected pressure
on healthcare organizations and their staff, as sudden spikes
in the number of patients in need of unique medical care upset the natural balance
of the healthcare staffing ecosystem,” he wrote. “With the number of Americans who
have access to healthcare at an all-time high due to the Affordable Care Act,
an epidemic could further strain the entire healthcare workforce. Therefore,
it is more important than ever for healthcare organizations to ensure that they
are adequately prepared to meet the staffing challenges that a future epidemic would present.”

To do this, Kyle advises healthcare organizations to:

  • Build a network
  • Incentivize staff
  • Provide ongoing education
  • Harness technology

In order to learn more about these points, you can read the entire op-ed, here.